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Without Dragon Baits I think I would have struggled to win my boat on the first match day for sure, and the guys all caught good numbers of fish both in practice and the actual match on the worm.

Steve Souter,

Tide Information

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Our operation is based over 2 sites. Our first site is 15 acres and comprises of 25 tanks of approximately 120 metres in length. While our second site is our new Pendine operation which covers 100 acres.

In these tanks the worms are grown for up to seven months in natural conditions, before being harvested. During harvesting a special centrifugal pump gently sucks up the sand, worms and water. These are then seperated automatically and the harvested ragworms brought inside to the cleaning unit before packaging.

All of our worms are packed in the hightest quality sea peat, with the correct moisture and pH level to ensure the longest possible shelf life.